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Pull broadness to swim newly " demon of bend over of day divinatory symbols is r
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A few days ago, small write down through with " the game that pull broadness " the get-off of the friend in chatting, recently them close gong rouses preparation closely to roll out mobile phone RPG to swim newly " demon of bend over of day divinatory symbols is recorded " .

According to commentate, the comrade-in-arms that the player in game differs optional choose has game, make up for the inadequacy of line of onefold game of game of very much RPG. As the comrade-in-arms different, besides can spark different branch line job and gut, still need him player to think up different tactics to handle a battle.

There is complex and changeful task system in game, the soul system that also has mystery (small write down ask him, he does not reply mysteriously, abhorrent - _- ! ) .

Not bad, in me 3 inches of not sodden tongues are added dead tangle sodden hit press one's suit under, "The game that pull broadness " the friend gave me picture of a few game and data eventually. Do not see an Er, look breathtaking. The picture qualitative element of game is quite tall really still, sufficient can rival with PC!

Game character brief introduction:
Ma Yue: The heroic part that player place acts, it is the 2 husband inside cateran hole formerly, because cannot bear words and deeds of bewitching of big n/COL the head of a family believe what one hears is evil, and assist alien to beat the old. Have chivalrous intention because of natural disposition again, after disbanding cateran stockaded village, make a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of roam the four seas, and can fall in border of a predestined relationship, ineffable be involved in the Jing day event like a violent storm.
Profession: You Xia
The age: 25 years old
Weapon: Bludgeon

Pang Ren: Inherent chief Wu Zhuangshuo, it is the role with an assault force and defense more powerful force, not magic arts of arrogate to oneself, and relatively fragile to force of magic arts defense. The activity that be fond of takes a risk to stimulate and collect rare ore to make a weapon, be about to enter for many times vestigial and expeditionary do not get its door however and enter...
Profession: Soldier
The age: 46 years old
Weapon: Ax

Jiang Xin: Outside Leng Yan is beautiful, be good at clever cure and cuss art, can remove the negative state that hostile place gives, yi Keli uses refine symbol and enhance cuss art power, but defense force is weaker. Give the master's lot, with Buddhist Ling Yuyi heads for the force with mysterious and vestigial investigation together, search in hotel when entering vestigial method, be informed Ma Yue to have accidentally accessibility vestigial a magic weapon...
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