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" armor front " close finally be about to open mysterious veil
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In the motor-driven soldier that experiences a month big afterwar, the knocks continuously power that the over-distance of the Z83 snipe gun that not little friend has appreciated Er of sharp-shooter Yi Ge is apart from, of the biff of female military spirit with graceful Lai of the person that personal also experiment annihilates too fierce.

Did not forget to still have that blood thick prevent tall place to answer arms of fast 3 strong fistfight Willie, the circumgyrate that believes him wears armour needle to also let not little friend have a headache unceasingly.

Closing finally, these 3 headachy parts also will wrap around one by one armour go into battle, the beefeater left and right sides in culminating BOSS!

The difficulty that this closing passes the unusually intense debate of the group that make to fall, reach eventually final verdict. Conclusion is what is about personal experience crosses everybody to just can know! Those who have pity on is small after making up the Load Game that is a course 5 hours, fall in the case that remains fistfight arms to add Er eventually, ability biff Z92 pounds steel to nail what penetrate BOSS.

Finally, " armor front " close finally Yu Benzhou appear on the market in the round inside limits of immanent whole nation, close and advertent!

The game that pull broadness 9 years of celebration, net of the official that pull broadness is strong upgrade, new network address is simpler better write down.
Of the ID that pull broadness bind calm storm to be started formally. Once bind,decide, all one's life benefit from. The mobile phone lands government-owned net undertake be operatinged freely. Pull broad ID to want to have only next enough pull money, blaze 3- eventually chapter and from the back those who roll out is new swim, can pull money to undertake paying fee (premise pulls money to have enough, insufficient circumstance client carries meeting clew to undertake full is worth pulling money) .
Click game to land an interface, the game that pull broadness, can jump automatically turn to net of officer of the game that pull broadness to know more game news.
Premonitory piece: 1: Can offer only to solve syrup feebleminded wait for a problem, " racing bike general mobilization " essence of habitant of the land in must searching fokelore.
Recommend piece: 1: Make by SONY, with PS3, the film game that the plane of family expenses sport such as PSP releases at the same time " spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 3 " grab a beach! 2: Ace of game of SONY3 big movement, ever obtained greatly on PSP, PS2 reputably " luck is strange with dingdong " already hot explode come on stage. 3: The game of strategy of SLG of a war that told about maniple of armour of a special machine to spread out " armor front " machine armour comes on stage. 4: While the player acts processing town crisis, the figure project that has built oneself " the whole people is preterhuman " preterhuman Hancock,
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