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Demon unreal hand swims your work " curtain of night " the pride of indigenous g
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Mysterious person appears, cause each country war ceaseless, demon takes the chance to inbreak in a large-scale, warlike configuration faces great transition... the world is about to destroy, demon comes over ceaselessly, bizarre dispute backside is Jing day plot unexpectedly! Justice and wrong final choice! How will Trojan save the crisis?

Half an year of last a period of time is expended gigantic endowment make meticulously for the player " curtain of night " be with Europe mediaeval the behavioral part that is setting acts kind of mobile phone game. This game world outlook is giant, story clue complicated and confusing, the picture is superior. Be worth what carry is, game ever expended research and development of time of a few months to go out in the initial stage that make brand-new game engine, those who make this game has all directions to move to whole point of view is brand-new operating system.

" curtain of night " story setting set is in dark Europe mediaeval. Mo Duosi overcomes kingly be murdered of the country, via checking it is medium one kind is called " the tear of water snake " bane, and this kind of bane is to participate in government and political affairs the familial place of chancellery Paul is particular. Then Paul is put to death, his son is Darwinian by coop jail.
The Darwin of deep-set bagnio is bottom decision and bandits collect Yi together escape from prison, and right now, the convict in the jail and guard turned funeral into suddenly however cadaver, darwinian assault also cannot succeed for many times. Fortunately, in a rabbi how-to next deferent doors that found mystery -- " the eye of storm " , accident however door be conveyinged sent " black tear city " , darwin also cannot think of here is genuine storm center however forever.
Plot of day of a Jing rises to surface gradually...

Because should be made,used revolutionary brand-new game engine, player general can be in optimum inclined the operation on 45 ° perspective, game picture is stereo sense is stronger, do not appear blind angle, observation is trouble-free. Be aimed at bosseyed horn, this game still was used " 8 key type is all-around mobile " means. Mobile game character is more convenient, character shift rate is rapidder. Operation feel with its game has his 4 key type to promote substantially. Additional, game still uses open mode to deserve to nod a mechanism, the player configures each attribute of game character by interest, wait like nimble, force. Of means matching a feature need not, character attribute also will differ, the player will get the greatest freedom is controlled degree. These characteristics are scarcer in mobile phone game.
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