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" new peerless double arrogant " super treasure obscures a spot
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The Kingdom of Wei of 45 class rises without tooth challenge difficulty freeboard, equiped only " new peerless double arrogant " in the deadly biff that gift of offerred the strongest equipment has kept out Wei Mo tooth. And equiped to still offer a lot of special article to be searched for the player besides hidden in the task in game.

Lock treasure chest is a the most precious to move the case of beautiful palace backyard, there is the strongest blame to sell inside adorn article " dark sweet incomplete " .

Have small fish when gut escape mouth of embroider jade cereal, can be challenged at any time invite month and pity heavenly body 2 palace advocate.

When chelonian summit sheet the affection that carry theatrical work ends, because pity star already was invited,the month is killed, go moving again when challenge of beautiful palace audience hall, can challenge only seek a month.
Conquer invites month and pity heavenly body, odds is obtained " dark sweet incomplete " , and can 100% obtain Ming Yugong of book of secret of highest grade exercise to benefit the internal organs to fall book (28% explode, invite a month to drop) , below flying swallow bid farewell book (21% shine, pity star is dropped) .

After Anqing wine shop opens a case to get belle the plot of a play, can sigh by date NPC place buys with low common adorn article. This NPC place still can spend Qian Guan to see CG, see CG can get experience.

Anqing gambling house and Xuan Yuan 3 light gamble, earning be as follows with odds: Use up 1000 silver every time
45% principal are not had return
30% complete a 2100 experience
15% 500 silver
5% marry the garment coils book
Below bid farewell of 5% flying swallow book

Deferent division, can spend money to convey an Anqing ghost house, distributing for: In evil person cereal most north, northwest of backyard of a surname mountain villa, move beautiful palace backyard, chelonian hill does not have door of tooth door audience hall outside around.

Final BOSS is prewar, can go first study, hiding in the case that has lock " marry the garment coils book " (before go the study is ripe can look only, cannot take, ha, had not taken a case, gut sparks, cannot reside into Bie He)

Game downloads: Http://game.3533.com/game/30276.htm

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