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" the world. Troubled times piece " Zhang order security hints heart to heart
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As " the world " the player's grow in quantity, this severe problem rises to Zhang mark issue gradually surface. Near future government receives what lose about player Zhang date in great quantities to appeal phone, after appropriate handles these issues, official summary gives number of a few Zhang protection is little stick person, help player is far from pilfer date.

Date of ● backup Zhang, tie calm mobile phone. " the world " date having Zhang binds calm function, after tying mark of calm mobile phone successfully, can carry a mobile phone resumptive account password. Bind flow of the order that decide Zhang: Game hall -- the system is installed -- Zhang date backup.

● does not disclose Zhang name code to someone else, do not want and other people is common Zhang date.

● game password is not set too simply, have quite one part player because the password is too simple and by pilfer. Suggest use number and letter mix the password that build.

Announcement of the government inside ● game is passed " systematic information " and " 10000 send a book " will release, do not believe the information that other form releases please. The government won't ask for a password to the player.

● government does not support a player to undertake game Zhang date trades, the loss that causes accordingly is assumed by player proper motion.

● admits please accurate " the world " customer service QQ: 292541037 with 875809748, official player group date 42721709.

Security of protective Zhang order is made from me, much cent is careful, weigh safeguard more, hope broad player can be far from pilfer date, happy game.

Manufacture business: Shanghai is happy bear recreation

Web government website: Www.o2park.cn

Wap government website: Wap.o2park.cn

Customer service phone: 021-62886965

Customer service QQ: 292541037/875809748

Player group: 42721709

Customer service mailbox: Service@o2park.cn

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