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Brandish sword nurses a grievance tears of blood of ancient fort hero history
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Game " the diabolical Gu Bao of annals of divine evil spirit " it is an excellent behavioral part acts game, game will abound the subject matter of demon unreal style and most the tussle occasion of dazzle cruel seductivelies dressed or made up in all one furnace, make gave very be able to bear or endure the classical game that play. No matter be on what platform,ARPG action part acts game is most suffer seek the form of a kind of game that hold in both hands, ARPG game combined RPG game to have the distinguishing feature of rich gut, have both again at the same time the characteristic that behavioral game has luxuriant tussle occasion and top-ranking operation feeling. But the limitation that mobile phone of be enslaved to be enslaved to shows strength, such game form does not see more on mobile phone platform, the fine ARPG hand that perhaps says to be done truly swims very few. But this " the diabolical Gu Bao of annals of divine evil spirit " it is a very perfect ARPG game however, the element of a few big play with the will popular now characteristic of platform of mobile phone of this game union is blended in faultlessly among them.

Game is setting with the demon unreal world of mediaeval Europe, the hero is a Jun Lang's boy that has argent hair, report of his endowment different, have the capacity that average person place does not have, it is ancient kingdom inferior count especially year since acceded of ability of division of big cuss art send a person exclusively, right now inferior especially regnal front is facing unprecedented disaster, si Kalu of evil Prince of the Devils woke and broke through seal, he condensed an evil force in diabolical city, preparative saving force gives originally the light that harmonious kingdom lets darkness gobble up all worlds with inflicting heavy losses on. The diabolical Gu Bao that the Er of tower of silver hair teenager that hopes as kingdom comes to in fokelore, the person that he accepted what beefeater is here to guard people inspire, assume rose to drive away darkness and evil mission, begin to learn here make a real cuss art division, to safeguard inferior the prospective implementation of especially regnal light defeats the goal of Prince of the Devils finally and fight hard.

Dialogue of game go-between content is humor and humorous, game plays a way basically with what humorous dialog guides a player to be familiar with game in the begining. Like game of a lot of ARPG, the player can be passed the task that finish and hit an eccentric person to undertake upgrading. The player can receive two kinds of jobs in game, one kind is masterstroke task, one kind is branch line task, among them masterstroke task is to must want finished job, can affect the process of game directly, and carry branch line mission finish can acquire diabolical check the number. Unique skill study system introduced in game, the diabolical check the number that acquires through using the job that finish can learn all sorts of luxuriant dazzle to look and the blackart skill with vast power, the meeting when the player uses these skill to have a fight releases vast blackart power. Like game of a lot of PC, return in game special the idea that introduced shortcut key, after learning a skill the player can enter hot key to install an interface to so that be in the battle,allocate a shortcut key for this skill use. Cooperate skill study system and task to upgrade in systematic game special set the accretion that character attribute nods mode, as the promotion of grade, every raise one level, the part will gain 5 attribute point, can mix to force, nimble, intellective, spirit these character attribute have staying power promotion, it is fixed attribute promotion mode no longer, the assurance that this lets the player is OK and own the development direction of the part, the attribute that if be opposite,upgrades at the same time is dissatisfactory still can wash in NPC place at any time.
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