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Of broken chrysalis mad dragon " the jail escapes greatly kill " (edition of esc
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Believe to had seen beautiful play " escape from prison " the person is risen and fall by teleplay soul-stirring, free and easy gut place is attracted, those who be a hero is outstanding wisdom place is convinced. The riddle movement play that opens Hua Sheng to roll out by nimble blows hard " broken chrysalis mad dragon " let a player experience classical American teleplay again through game " escape from prison " .

This is movement of a riddle kind game, hero grand dragon is having breathtaking wisdom and ability, to rescue by the dragon of elder brother battle of circumvent put in prison, his use scheme lets him be arrested, the jail that is in by coop elder brother. Grand dragon is not the person that an affection of a meeting act recklessly is in power, he is well-prepared, before put in prison he spent very long time to engineer escape from prison of side elder brother, planned escape from prison grain to be on the body, in the jail of complete darkness, brother two want to escape be born what the day can depend on exclusively is a suit on leading role body tattoo the skin. The set of game gut and beautiful theatrical work " escape from prison " almost be exactly the same, believe large quantities of " escape from prison " Fans is met to scarcely of this one classical gut feel unfamiliar, our brains well, the Mi Shuai with outstanding wisdom of courage and insight is to save his that is engineered by the elder brother of circumvent escape from prison of day of a Jing acts. Gentle of exterior of the Mi Shuai in beautiful theatrical work, had gotten higher education, it is study construction one's previous experience, mind is first-rate with, and his elder brother is an a tough guy that looks Kong Wu's strong Man. Also be such in game, set dragon of little brother grand is good at riddle of beat one's brains, and Long Zeshen body is good at elder brother battle lustily tussle, according to brother the different attribute player of two people is in the process of game need controls them to finish different job respectively, the little brother that some tasks need to be good at ruse is solved, and need an elder brother a few more additionally to go into action rely on an armed strength to square. To get used to out " escape from prison " in classical gut game more the game pattern that used segmentation, the player will experience distinctive two-men task mode, here mode falls, need player controls two people of brotherly to cooperate to finish the job each other at the same time, use # key can cut substitution content to undertake controlling.

Game altogether cent is 7 close, still include to close an exercise among them, the player can win clew clew and job of pass a barrier through waiting for the dialog of NPC with gaoler or convict, broken solved enigma or obtain clew to be able to spark game gut. In the process that leading role is completing the job not only the trouble that the convict in wanting to face a jail brings, avoid lawsuit even alarm interference. Carry search and dialogue, all sorts of game can be obtained to connect in game pass necessary stage property, if use the tobacco of the spike of the screwdriver that make and bribery guard to wait a moment, especially this prop believes spike had looked " escape from prison " the impression that the player has a special profundity to this prop. The Mi Shuai in beautiful theatrical work is letting in fresh air the debus on the couch of field the crucial article of this escape from prison, and still encountered the calamity of hematic light for this, in game likewise faithful at gut set, dragon of leading role grand also is the stage property with this necessary escape from prison obtained around couch. The number bolts 0 use all sorts of stage property, use number bolts 7, 9 foreword returns foreword switch stage property. The player must want to acquire these stage property and they are used to just can escape in game be born day. As game undertake, brother of two escape give birth to a course to be shown step by step. Game gut is according to the United States drama comes of set, consult gut defeats what riddle is inscribed or can have certain help to the player so, believe the player can be in the place that the discovery in game is familiar with more very much certainly, find watch at the outset " escape from prison " the feeling when.
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