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Heavy fist hits out " heroic fokelore faces again child " come on stage
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Heavy fist hits out! Happy swim year blows hard " heroic fokelore faces again child " come on stage. " heroic fokelore faces again child " assembled happy swim toply to develop personnel and acme originality, it is synthesis of undeceive of task of a collect, exploration, article at an organic whole, the part that has rich connotation, wonderful gut, luxuriant picture acts kind of game, bring unprecedented game experience for you. Game picture is elegant, colour is flowery, turn the picture of mobile phone game to a brand-new height; The system of extraordinary, superhigh freedom is spent, break the outmodel conventions of traditional RPG, added huge task system and synthetic system, the demon stone that carries different type (the complex in game is basic material) and the stone of new evil spirit with add and specific material more powerful synthesis. Play to belong to you only, absolutely won't reduplicative game. Can let a player find the individual character that belongs to his to enjoy law and absolutely fun absolutely!

Bear the man of miserable destiny, weep for miserable experience of the friend however; Below the mankind's buckish civilization, concealed how many secret again. Blackart and skill are in by installation on the weapon " demon stone " will obtain. There is stone of about a hundred kinds of demon, technical ability in game, should equip stone of demon of which kinds of skill, be decided completely by you. Demon stone also can upgrade, and all demon stone can carry demon stone synthetic system undertakes synthetic, almost infinite demon stone synthesizes combination. How can synthesize a the best, most powerful demon stone, awaiting you to disentomb. In the battle, you can experience the fun that uses all sorts of demon stone strategy not only, can feel the more wonderful, picture specially good effect that has wallop more more. Still have, the move such as nearly 100 tasks you go finishing, these tasks can be accepted repeatedly, more powerful equipment and capability are obtained in the harden oneself in the task, experience biff kills the pleasure of final BOSS! You are a hero today!

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