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RPG Ju Qing " icebound throne of demon animal world " hot release!
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Large demon unreal is epic kind of RPG is gigantic make " icebound throne of demon animal world " the shock comes on stage. The setting picture that provides shock power extremely adds the warfare system of rich careful, all without exception represented the another aiguille of homebred RPG game, we let peep the powerful glamour of this work below!

Game introduction: Hundred years before, a mysterious outside force inbreaked A helps all alone continent, force is outrageous and this is powerful, a lot of support of the people are phyletic for its place is confused, break intelligence gradually, become its vassal. What a few a man of insight realized this strength is evil, defy jointly together jointly in succession already by the tribal animal person of evil force place bondage.

Right now, in Alasuo fastness of regnal border land erupted a big fight, this regnal knightage colonel blocks quarter at Luotena leads numerous risk one's life main forces of counteractive animal person, faint because of military strength is not worth and be being reached by sneak attack however. After waiting for him to awake again, discover oneself arrived however a new village, and lost the memory previously, pass a few clew however he discovers in Alasuo Buruiding can look for regnal Wang Cheng to once was remembered probably, then, he resolutely set foot on the journey that searchs loss memory.

Systematic characteristic: Equipment sets a system: " icebound throne " the combination of the name after the name before equipment is used, the major attribute of the name after passing and before all sorts of weapons that the add attribute of the name can combine a rich and colorful, contented player makes the interest of equipment. The look still is provided in game additionally implement suit, make player game more carefree light

System of transhipment of through cargo: The equipment that the player makes, on the reflecting a figure outward appearance of will true true be sure to. Game was offerred in all 4 transhipment of through cargo are combined 64 kinds in all

Heroine support system: Alleged men and women is tie-in, work not tired. Player general again also need not one individual an isolated force fights bravely, and the female rabbi that has a beautiful sex appeal will be accompanied all the time in you beside, match you to play the task to hit BOSS, exploration A pulls the secret of all alone mainland.
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