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" the the Three Kingdoms is fierce will 2 " sweep across Taiwan China amusement
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Recently, wireless company carries boreal capital amusement the heavyweight below the banner blows hard " the the Three Kingdoms is fierce will 2 " strong land Taiwan, go up line two weeks, become place namely second of rank of CHT of business of the biggest operation is popular work. As a result of before the game work that China amusement rolls out in Taiwan has superhigh quality and game sex, kill entirely almost popular. So this second with Taiwan the collaboration with the first peddling hair appears follow a rational line to do some work well. At the moment strong strong together, it is to give the mainland hand of small with each passing day blown away by wind to swim undoubtedly cardiac of market infuse stitch, ling Huayu is wireless already some Taiwan issue channel to perfect. So far, the plan that extends market of game of Taiwan mobile phone in the round will spread out smoothly.

From 07 year China amusement is wireless march since Taiwan, every work all scores outstanding success in place, " the the Three Kingdoms is fierce will 2 " before make " the the Three Kingdoms is fierce will " on the line is less than 10 days arise nearly 10 thousand times to pay fee namely, major game ever was in before Taiwan is ranked in business of 3 big operation 10. " the the Three Kingdoms is fierce will 2 " will land Taiwan market in July this year hind, below the adverse circumstance that is the same as schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater with game of many Japan trademark, still achieve such beautiful performance, proved its doughty development actual strength adequately, and the achievement that will carry out research and development of high level game for years. Although current Taiwan game market, still be the world of seriation work and Japanese game, dan Huayu depends on an amount numerous achieve high-quality goods formerly, in intense competitive environment steadily base oneself upon, get many Taiwan players approbate, had large quantities of faithful FANS, developed place's original market blank even, cause industry intense echo, be like tide reputably.

Face the market of mobile phone game with complex and at present changeful inland, china amusement is wireless did not keep wait-and-see with the manner that await, however the sale approach with active new open up, swim for mainland hand the market introduces new lease of life and vigor. In the meantime, china amusement is wireless make full use of the channel resource of its advantage, the emission content of the recreation on the palm key, adjust from home stage by stage to abroad! "3 shed an enterprise to make a product, second-class the enterprise makes a brand, top-ranking enterprise makes a standard! " it is China amusement wireless CEO Mr Pan Yu article develops the basic principle that pursues in the process in game, will swim in Taiwan hand henceforth the market, china amusement is wireless still will continue to hold to " high-quality goods " course, strive to establish industry new standard, and with " abroad issue " for core, to retain the trait of game of Chinese mobile phone, game of patulous mobile phone starts a group formerly and make indefatigable effort! Good beginning, often be successful half. China amusement is wireless swim as mainland hand those who make is representative get army enterprise, the road of overseas market can go much further after all, let our wait and see what happens.
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