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Case acute number " tennis Great Master " emersion summit summit is right defini
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Fei Dele, Nadaer, heart makes an appointment with Keweiji. . . . . . Mu of Yangkeweiji, Williams this, Sara wave child. . . . . . Zheng Jie, Yan Zi, Peng is handsome. . . . . The network circles giant star that each is famous in great reputation is in Olympic collected Beijing below the shine upon of 5 link division. Will come on August 10 during August 17, tennis men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, women's doubles will give 4 gold definitely, who will become the hero of gold of Olympic Games asking a vessel? The match of an an exciting, wonderful unsurpassed will give out final result. In the network circles gathering of heroes that flares in this galaxy, audience friend will get visual impact, enjoy the gluttonous sumptuous dinner that tennis brings!

Be opposite for the summit summit of emersion Great Masters definitely, of a few months of course of personnel of game research and development of case acute number make meticulously, drive when the Olympic Games comes, presented to be able to follow experience and Great Master passion to be opposite at any time for you definitely classic your work -- " tennis Great Master " !

This is realistically the sports athletics game of the style, for the sense of reality of emersion game, no matter game is in mechanism of picture, match, still be the respect such as athletic detail passed unusually meticulous processing, do one's best shows the true verve that tennis moves, bring you dye-in-the-wood spot sense. ACE, pass through ball, grab attack, smash the ball... the technical characteristic that enrols one type to will reflect a Great Master, let your acclaim as the peak of perfection.

There are 2 kinds of competitions that can offer an alternative to make in game, plastic, laterite, meadow the race site with 3 kinds of disparate styles, by brief to difficult, abound the drive skill design of gout, true and abound those who moved the movement of feeling to reflect architect of game of case acute number is strange think of clever want, more education mode can let a player make the tennis ball that gives his super Great Master oh!

Speed and passion, force and volition, skill and aesthetic feeling... the world that here is tennis Great Master, case acute number welcomes your affiliation!

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