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PFUmobile is made newly " all corners of the country of true warm blood " will r
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7 years of winter, a luxurious hand swims RPG is gigantic make, taking blazing ingle horizontal stroke to be born for nothing, with delicate picture, baronial and exquisite gut, the dialogue of loose humour, became winter in most one of RPG with the most ablaze fire.

Right, this is the series of refine sword furnace that PFU Mobile makes meticulously, the first -- ghost face robs.

Make actual strength originally outstanding, get the love and esteem of broad player, give this making good public praise.

Before long hind, below the expectation of players, the 2nd of series -- be proud celestial being is recorded, fervent give heat.

Staff members' attentive adoption of players pass on, the difficulty that makes originally is reduced on original basis, added brand-new game system and huge branch line job.
This making not the expression of common won players again approbate, make series is become immortal classical stepped sturdy one pace again.
Subsequently classical renew, series of refine sword furnace the 3rd -- kill celestial being is fabulous, release ceremoniously.

Should make hold to series marrow, careful picture, beautiful music, luxuriant gest is all be able to emersion, still add many weaponry and conversational branch system on this foundation.

Before 3 of series score success of give no cause for more criticism, solid foundation is laid in broad player heart.

PFUmobile makes labor force newly wait for hair, " refine sword furnace " series is about to come out the 4th times, make game system originally will considerably aggrandizement, the equipment that added take delight in talking about respectively is made, synthetic system and refine of distinctive a magic weapon change a system, pass ceaseless Xiu Lian, of the part that can develop an individuation and individuation exceed strong equipment.

All weapons in game can promote corresponding property through different material. An attribute on weapon of correspondence of every kinds of material. After blacksmith place undertakes making, the ability of this weapon can get permanent growth, grow how many by material cherish spend and decide. Not only such, still can enchase the material that gets in game to the weapon, with will increase conceal attribute. Through thoroughly tempered, every weapon is OK and developmental into arrive by force the divine arms edge tool that counters a day. If you are not good at hitting quite experienced level, also can undertake through using material refine of a magic weapon is changed, make the character's attribute gets permanent promotion thereby. The material with rich game is close more than 100 kinds, these material can be gotten in the everywhere in game, everywhere is usable. You can choose the game way that you like to the top of one's bent.
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