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The seventh evening of the seventh moon plays surely, love hand swims " love is
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The seventh evening of the seventh moon of 8 years already came. Flutter in this rose, the festival that beautiful woman encounters, a newest love nurturance game is in season and unripe. " love is seasonal " , game of this newest mobile phone, had been in website of each old mobile phone is brilliant land, the love that jumps a paragraph of intense heart contended for battle to move mobile phone stage.

Be in " love is seasonal " in, east of house middle school turn newly school is unripe- - leading role Han Dashu nots hesitate use all methods, female to 3 high school classmate spread out pursuit, be in weak point in time of a few days, fight defeated rival in love, Cao Sanmu of sports good athlete, be in eventually the night of the seventh evening of the seventh moon, won oneself the favour of beloved girl, sent chic and the gift that your person one'ses mind disturbed.

" love is seasonal " in 3 girls can go after:

The first: Hot dance with sth in one's hands of house middle school grows all round east, Guo Xiaoyu. A forceful moves the girl of feeling, she " dance art is preeminent " , it is game in most the woman student that confronts with Han Dashu first. She often appears suddenly, frighten so that Han Dashu heart disease breaks out. Match step dance also is cultivated greatly with Han under Ceng Zaiyi anger, oneself get hurt unfortunately however.

The 2nd: East house middle school lives a year 2 high committee member, Chen Dai eyebrow. She is to be in charge of recieving newborn class cadre, it is an enthusiastic and tender good girl. The first day when just came to the school in Han Dashu, old black eyebrow is taking him enthusiasticly to look around everywhere. Old black eyebrow has good opinion quite to the Cao Sanmu of basketball ministry, han Dashu should chase after old black eyebrow, must think method fights Cao Sanmu.

The 3rd: East president of company of cartoon of house middle school, Gongbenhong is beautiful. This is the Japanese girl of country of one displacement be placed in the middle, although Chinese is very skilled, but still now and then from inside the mouth collapse gives word of 9 Japanese home town. Her humanness is pure and kind-hearted, like cartoon very much. Although because of citizenship differ and appear some disposition are dissocial, but once mix,person association rises, can send out however the charm that gives a kind of mellow alcohol.

The rival in love that this is large tree of leading role Han finally, east the Cao Sanmu of ministry of basketball of house middle school, sports is good, study is good, classy unripe. Although Cao Sanmu is a person not quite big mistake, but it is the largest block that Han Dashu leads to love Temple of God however. Must use a variety of methods, cao Sanmu from numerous push on a Bai Ma in schoolgirl heart's princely throne.
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