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The evil Gemini of lasting fokelore -- the belief of defend demon
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The evil Gemini of lasting fokelore is an action part acts game, game was used RPG game is medium now subject matter of most popular story of European demon unreal, told about the war of demon and animal person. See this game let me remember Rhodes island battle writes down classical animation, in resembling animation same, what tell about in game also is the nobility that has incredible power the war between demon a group of things with common features and evil and primitive animal person. Believe a lot of people that had seen animation, the blackart force heart that has to demon is unripe awe-stricken, to animal person dirty with evil exceeding detest and reject. But the most natural force also often is very powerful, this kind of force comes from empty, mechanical, windy and greedy, let a person detest accordingly, fear oneself can be planted by this likewise force place is gobbled up. And the demon that gives birth to the part that is put in tall far dimly discernible to have divine power, often give a person a kind of altitude feel coldly deeply, appear to be able to fall at any time, resemble be real to the extreme thing adoring, as if to be opposite as be in personally in dirty environment again the defend of flimsy belief, very difficult but still want to hold to.

This is game of a movement, demon people launched intense fight to recapture his home and animal person, the player can choose two kinds of different professions, undertake the doughty soldier of physical attack and the rabbi that use flowery glamour, the player can experience as different as other game unprecedented real profession fun, close body fight hand-to-hand or blackart attack. To cooperate the game subject matter of demon unreal, game picture is very elegant, colour is rich and luxuriant, from high mountain running water, Qiu He stone forest arrives forest of billabong of high mountain ridges, lake is gotten by depict lifelike. Game undertook bold innovation below the premise that combined characteristic of mobile phone platform, introduce the distinguishing feature of PC game, in column of skill of the set on game interface, and the shortcut key with these skill corresponding correspondence, convenient player is used in game process. All sorts of drug that can use at the same time show by column of condition of game interface bottom, and allocated corresponding shortcut key, the player can use a number to bolt 1 take life liquid medicine, use number bolts 0 take supernatural power liquid medicine, to behavioral game, this are exceedingly important, the player can be according to the change of oneself condition at any time in the battle rapid compensatory life and supernatural power.

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