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What does the need when downloading game notice?
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What does when downloading, need notice?

1, the mobile telephone that you must have function of JAVA of a support;

2, before use WAP downloads or before preparation uses short message order programme to download, your mobile phone should have two postulate: It is the mobile phone check that opened GPRS; 2 it is to use the terminal of JAVA mobile phone that accords with Chinese mobile standard, otherwise you next download job will not undertake;

3, whether does the mobile phone that decides you support infrared function, need to add equipment of an infrared ray on your computer so (have because of infrared interface a variety of, cannot list one by one installation method, below a lot of circumstances, the manual of equipment of this infrared ray can have detailed installation specification;

4, the line of data of mobile phone support that is like you is transmitted, so you are OK the software that download of center of recreation of preexistence mobile phone needs to you is in computer, undertake computer and mobile phone join next, transmission software. (you can use the accessary data line when buying, perhaps buy corresponding data line. Service data is red do not require infrared equipment;

5, you need to install correspondence the software of your JAVA mobile telephone, for example you can be in the software of Nokia mobile phone Nuojiya website download (Www.nokia.com /www.nokia.com.cn Nuojiya China) . But software light can be let when because color screen mobile phone is connected,be being bought below general reason condition dish is sold together. There is the pattern that installs software for past mobile phone only inside software;

6, after installing infrared ray and software correctly, the infrared function of the mobile phone that start and your computer success joins. Software can be used to install form toward the mobile phone later.

If land shift,100 treasure chest downloads, with Nuojiya S60 series is below exemple, all links need to enter function first " service " menu, two kinds of means can enter shift 100 treasure chest: 1, the user of terminal of JAVA mobile phone of use WAP browser can pass door of WAP of mobile dream net (Wap.monternet.com) is visited directly " 100 treasure chest " business; 2, after the terminal of JA-VA mobile phone of use HTTP browser passes a setting, the download link option that can use annulus churchyard through clicking JAVA is visited " 100 treasure chest " service.

Through 9 minutes after awaiting, can enter option of a menu, click " 100 treasure chest " after the column, click again enter " game 100 treasure chest " , here the face is to press game category partition, be like: Behavioral game, beneficial wisdom game, sports game, can download the sport that we like at will next.

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