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Instrument appearance grows 27% experts to comment innovation mode
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Refer 2005 the development of the industry, xi Jiacheng of director of association of industry of Chinese instrument bearing one face is excited, he says: “ development speed exceeds expect. ” although the statistical data of annual has not come out, but the November data before the basis is computative, production value of industry of countrywide instrument bearing can amount to 170 billion yuan 2005, amplitude is 27 % , it is close 10 years most. To the circumstance this year, he thinks although amplitude can drop somewhat, but still can maintain in 20 % above.
Window highlights actual strength to increase
In the development of instrument bearing industry 2005, xi Jiacheng thinks to have 3 large window is very outstanding.
It is industry development speed is accelerated. When 2004 entire industry production value 120 billion yuan, from 0 to the breakthrough 100 billion yuan, entire industry used 55 years of time; Already amounted to 170 billion yuan to production value of entire 2005 industry, can foreknow, the 2nd 100 billion yuan time that comes true to need 2 ~ 3 years only. Xi Jiacheng says for certain, in the developing country, speed of bearing industry development is the fastest, actual strength also is the strongest.
2 it is entire 2005 industry exports 5.2 billion dollar, import 13.8 billion dollar, although be in whole and mechanical industry, importing an amount still is the biggest, trade deficit of imports and exports is the largest also, but while export increases smoothly ceaselessly, the amplitude of the entrance drops greatly however, was 14.5 % 2005, and amplitude of in former years is controlled in 30 % commonly, highest 2003, exceeded 50 % even. Amplitude of adverse balance of trade is greatly contractible also.
3 it is the industrial reconnaissance survey with newest course, at present entire industry shares 3304 businesses, add 1000 or so newly. Among them many after classics country classify is adjusted, delimit afresh, but new development rises the company that also 3 become the left and right sides. What Xi Jiacheng thinks to be worth to be carried most is, we thought in the past 3 endowment the enterprise no matter amount, still be the half state power that production value, profit already held an industry, but newest census data shows, total production value and sales revenue, domestic company occupies 56 % , 3 endowment the enterprise occupies 44 % ; Profit home company occupies 52 % , 3 endowment the enterprise occupies 48 % , all did not pass half. Cheng Tan of Home Dan Xi bear, 3 endowment the trend that the company grows is clear, do not eliminate to cross the likelihood of half next.
Add fast smooth this disappear the other party is chief
Xi Jiacheng thinks, 2006 of instrument bearing industry add fast will good at a few otherer mechanical branch line of business, will still maintain 20 % above. Because bearing industry involves an area,this basically is wide, live to common people from industrial application, macroscopical adjusting control is finite to its influence, can saying is this disappear those grows. While if the share is reached in instrument of car appearance, medical treatment,special appearance demand drops, the domain such as petrifaction, environmental protection is in however to the demand of appearance growth. In addition, take seriously to own innovation increasingly as the country, each industry, each enterprise and place of scientific research courtyard are sure to increase investment of research and development further, equipment of scientific instrument, test also will grow subsequently.
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