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The distinction of game format
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1, JAVA game, most all-pervading game, mobile phone of most model brand supports! Download hind is *.jar format, do not need solution pressing, cover through PC directly transmit a mobile phone can, automatic clew installs the mobile phone.

2, SIS game, the smartphone uses a form, p8XX, p9XX, SX1 supports, but NOKIAS60 is not OK and compatible P8XX, the SIS file of P9XX. Like installing method and JAR, transmit a mobile phone, in mobile phone installation. Most SIS game passes broken solution, be being installed namely is perfect edition, individual need is registered machine calculate number, *#06# is pressed to be able to see his mobile phone serial number on the mobile phone, move on PC again register number of machine cipher out can. Still a few need a file to enclothe broken solution, be like MB2, after installing good game, do not enter game first, open SELEQ or FILEMAN, enter E: , reentrance SYSTEM, reentrance APPS, find the folder related this game, be like " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " it is SANGO, " the metal is blusterous 2 " it is MB2, reentrance, can see a certain file is *.app, it is OK to duplicate file of the APP that defeat solution duplicate file of the APP that defeat solution to here again!

3, MGS game, this installation basically is mixed SIS game is same, nevertheless above all you should install MGS general platform 196 or 197 (version date) , install MGS game again (it is SIS format likewise) , game and platform had better install in E: , after MGS game is installed, won't appear inside menu, add MGS platform directly however inside, game of choice of moving MGS platform is OK... game of the MGS that defeat solution has two kinds, one kind is to get register machine (register with SIS game same) , still one is plant is a file that defeat solution (it is *.dll commonly) duplicate E:1Below 01BIN can. (the choice is replaced)

4, ngage game (NG of the following abbreviation) , inchoate NG game bales possibly, file format is *.blz, need solution of a kind of BLZ to press software to just can be installed, installation of game of this kind of NG needs to duplicate BLZ file to E: , do not enter child folder, on the mobile phone moving BLZ solution presses software to choose BLZ to compress a bag to undertake installing namely, installation is over can game! COPY edition (essay) installation, folder of a SYSTEM is after common solution is pressed, open can have a few folder, through reading card implement duplicate these a few folder to MMC to block SYSTEM folder to fall completely! (the attention needs to open on PC) , did not read card implement? these folder through data line blue perhaps tooth duplicates to block aleatoric catalog to fall to MMC, reoccupy SELEQ or FILEMAN cuts MMC to block SYSTEM folder to fall.

5, the simulator such as FC/MD, install simulator first, take imitate game ROM again duplicate to fall to corresponding catalog for English name, if GB simulator blocks generated GO BOY folder automatically in MMC, MD game can be placed at will, reentrance simulator is read it is OK to take ROM.
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