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NG game installs a guideline
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The game cent that downloads on the net is planted (BLZ installation edition and duplicate file edition)
(1) BLZ edition
1.Should install a software to install the program that defeat solution first (Blzinstapp.SIS)
2.The MMC card that puts gotten game file *.BLZ in you is like on root catalog (E:nGage_blz_Puzzle Bobble VS)
3.Install game with the Blzinstapp software that already had installed next.
4.When some files are installed greatly quite, compare slow, await patiently please, after installation is over, can play.
(2) answer plate making
The file that comes out solution pressing directly puts in E: Systemapps fell to be able to play. Some software have LIBS and PROGRAS list, put these two list in E:S evenBelow YSTEM.

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