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How does S60 mobile phone install game
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The program that S60 mobile phone can install includes.sis and.jar. If you send the file that downloads now to be not installed, above all the document that you want to decide you is by baling. You can compress software with solution first (for instance Winrar) in light of whats to include in next files. If inside without.sis or.jar program, however one pile file and catalog, with respect to the specification below reference.

The computer that the reason that this kind of problem appears is you is Jar file processing when download compress a file, because.jar file is Zip format originally. Solve method to have 3:
(1) suffixal.jar is added to be able to write instead Jar document at the back of file name when download, can.jar file pass Lao to be installed only directly?
(2) a document issues in DOS mode with computer it is OK that Jar of suffixal Zip instead is passed to the phone to install again!
(3) manage in your computer natural resources implement the tool on the window- - folder option- - examine---Conceal the small scratch out before the patulous name of foregone file type to drop, go reading the document that you download again, the.zip take out from the back (perhaps change.jar) OK.
Send SIS or JAR document to the mobile phone through infra-red or blue tooth, the meeting after the mobile phone is received has clew. Open received document, according to the clew installation of the mobile phone. Installation hind can delete the file in Inbox.

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