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Ringtones against marital sex life is invisible killer
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As early as the Tang Dynasty physician Sun Ssu wrote, "Qian Jin Fang" on that "to avoid the intersection were as strong winds, heavy rain, Big Chill, Great Heat, thunder, dark world offerings, thin moon eclipse." That is an accident shock adverse effects on sexual function. China Professional Committee of the General Society of Andrology, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Men Master Ren Guojun told the "Life Times" reporter, often to see some of the clinical ED patient was "scared" out. "Sometimes, the occasion of the couple harmony, suddenly sounded a telephone call, sexual nerve conduction suddenly been cut off, not only men, 'Private Parts' will suddenly weak, frightened and his wife may be buried because of psychological fear." Jun Guo pointed out that the shock can not lead to an erection, sometimes transient nature of the "fake ED", are cardiac problems, psychological counseling or some time after the rest, can be restored; sometimes they must pass the professional treatment, while medication, while in the rebuilding of confidence under the guidance of a doctor. To love to set the phone alarm reminder of your child: Do not use mobile phones as alarm clocks To avoid stimulation of phone ringing, you must detail on early prevention. For example, in sex before, it is best to turn off the phone, or mute. If possible, locked the door, closed the window, to avoid unexpected interruptions. Try not to be placed inside the bedroom to the sound of things, such as television and telephone; If convenient, it is best to suspend the alarm clock. Usually have to regularly check the beds, bedside cabinets, wardrobe and other "hardware" to prevent accidental damage to the issue of harsh noise. Amount of light can darken some. ... ... In addition there are 7 major lethal radiation damage phone! Not attuned to the music will also affect the "temperament." In particular, the understanding of people of different music, so playing music like "adventure." If so, let each other's breathing filled the bedroom.