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The owner has left the room sounded Ringtones
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Yesterday afternoon, witnesses entered the fire building. The entire building of 28 floors of the building, houses were burned about Jiucheng, residents serious property damage. The number of traces left behind from the field of view, some residents tried to fire in order to rescue themselves. 11 o'clock yesterday morning, the building some of the firefighters prepare to evacuate, is the fire hose and other equipment put away. At this point, most of the water inside the building cleaning staff have been excluded. To dispatch before the reporter was informed, through a continuous search and rescue, firefighters at the fire scene did not find a new building for bodies. However, there are firefighters left behind, and step by step to find possible sources of ignition, avoid suddenly caught fire again. At the same time, gas repair the car went over the ground floor of a store staff, the cooperation of the firefighters, the emergency treatment of the gas pipeline to eliminate security risks.