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Insensible wife makes calamity of driver dispatch a vehicle the phone wakes up t
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Yesterday before dawn, a big forklift develops roadside in 10 meters of many deep trench, driver and the person that take a car is insensible in the past. Those who happen is safety of afraid family member, the driver is far the telephone call is made in the wife of Anhui, just woke up insensible medium husband. Know the family member gave traffic accident, ask for help of police of wife Xiang Xinmi.

Yesterday before dawn 1 when make, public security bureau of new close city 110 command center is abrupt ring blows hard, a woman says panic-strickenly, she is Anhui person, the husband is in new close work, opening big forklift to fall into roadside to be in in deep trench, ask them to help a person rapidly. But the specific location that the woman cannot say clear to have an accident however. Ring off, when the accident a section of a highway that the policeman is preparing to say to woman place is searched for, 110 command center receives to call the police again phone, one man hits a phone to say, he is the husband of that Anhui woman, as a result of insensible, be asked by the wife restful phone sleeps lightly. The place of his to turn over is in 3 fork in a road of Zheng close highway are big the bottom of slope.

The policeman hurries to the spot instantly, borrowing light, those who discover highway the eastern side defend column is crashed, by dense woods cover in transmit inside channel blast a groan sound. The policeman slips down brae channel bottom, discovery has two men to be stranded inside cab of serious metabolic forklift. But depend on limited tool, the policeman rescues two people very hard, appeal to fire control group then.

After 10 minutes, officers and soldiers of covey fire control arrives, dissection cab door with cut machine. The driver is rescued smoothly, the double leg that can take car person is stayed in by card however, the rescuer uses hydraulic pressure implement the bodywork that blocks the wounded leg with dilator little ground is levered. Till before dawn 1 when 30 minutes, two the wounded that be stranded just are come out by rescue.

Yesterday morning, in the hospital, some pairs of 10 thousand reporters say the driver, his bust gets hurt in the traffic accident yesterday, by car person Hou parenchyma of some lower limbs gets hurt, all do not have life danger.

Allude to be saved be related, 10 thousand some deep feeling unceasingly, he says, be a family member care ability to let him collect a lot. “ falls even person belt car channel at that time in hind, I and the person that take a car are insensible in the past, had not known how long, a clinging mobile phone ring slept lightly me, it is far so the complimentary telephone call that makes in the wife of Anhui. Where does she ask I am in? In dry what? Not bad? If it were not for is slept lightly by ring of late night incoming telegram, the consequence of I and companion is really unimaginable. Reporter of ”(evening paper is ursine Fang Yajuan of Shen Jianzhong of lasher autumn reporter)
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