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Mobile phone ring becomes new noise pollution relevant personage longs to introd
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Mobile phone ring becomes new-style noise pollution

Li Baojian of our newspaper reporter

“ sees a movie, read graph book to should have a quiet environment, but more and more ring of canorous mobile phone became new trouble however nowadays civilian noise.

”10 month 23 days, mr Zhang of the faze that can'ts bear noise of mobile phone ring hopes everybody can pay attention to “ mobile phone to use social morality ” , do not let its become new contaminative source.

Mr Zhang says the citizen, 22 days afternoon, he sees a movie in the cinema, be attracted by wonderful picture and dialogue place, what make its vinegary however is, often be in gut climax phase, mobile phone ring is met abrupt and case, make everybody very cheesed.

Not come singly but in pairs, citizen Ms. Guo is right also ring of canorous mobile phone is very malcontent. Ms. Guo says, 22 days morning, she goes choose and buy of Xin Huashu inn a books, although at that time in the bookshop unusually quiet, however mobile phone ring rings ceaseless however, every metropolis resounds through whole hall, make numerous client do it sidelong glance.

“ not only such, increase of mobile phone function ceaselessly, musical decibel appears stronger and stronger also. ” Ms. Guo says, many youths put the mobile phone as sheet now machine use, on bus, railway station, ave …… everywhere can hear music of canorous mobile phone. “ music admittedly can edify sentiment, but ring of canorous mobile phone and music do not divide a circumstance because of the person that use, can make the noise of faze civilian, let person allergy. ”

As we have learned, 40-60 decibel belongs to normal talk sound, 60 decibel above belongs to clamorous limits, 70 decibel damage audition nerve possibly, and the sound of 100 decibel above can make the person is sent deaf. Ring of “ mobile phone and music after all should how old, the legislation with at present specific without still country, code gives to this regulation. A staff member says department of ” environmental protection, undeniable, the mobile phone ring of tall decibel became new-style noise pollution really, although do not have the standard of law, code, but the feeling that the person that the mobile phone is used should consider others, cannot make its make the noise that disturbs others.

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