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Ring of mobile phone of abide of guard of iron of 3 hands pilot hides to capture
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Red net on October 28 dispatch (the reporter is vermilion plum) in the depth of night, old thief Yang Mou steals 3 mobile phones repeatedly on the train at a heat, tibet was entered seam the briefs that has 5 bags, escaped the spot. He of self-conscious no risk at all hides in railroad car to join the mouth is in, preparation sneaks away in accipitral pool railway station following car. Be in at this moment, the mobile phone ring in crotch blows hard, frighten Yang Mou be frightened out of one's wits, want to draw out skill mechanism machine however anyway is drawn out do not come out. Situation is urgent under, yang Mou was obliged to take off trousers in railroad car. Be in the his hurry-scurry, sweating period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am that take off pants, hear the news the guard that outpace comes to was taking owner of lost property be chased after, yang Mou person bribe all is obtained. The K576 that this one act produces in 28 days on second train.
Zero hour of 28 days of before dawn is made, the K576 that opens upgrade Hainan by Shao Yang second train from Jiangxi new after more than station drives, sit in 15 railroad car Li Mou of the passenger on 44 seats lies on the seat to take a nap, conveniently is in mobile phone pillow the head. 1 when make 50 minutes, awake from inside sleep when him when, discover the mobile phone disappeared. He is present all around search without fruit hind, xiang Zheng is in in the Changsha railroad public security of perambulatory railroad car in guard plum strong newspaper concludes the case.
After receiving a reply, li Zhongjiang drives field survey to the visit instantly. The fare in railroad car is not much, near Li Mou only sparse sat a few passengers, say to did not discover doubtful personnel. The basis sends record time, li Zhongjiang judges owner of lost property to should be returned to be on train by the mobile phone of pilfer. Right now, be apart from next bus stop should be the accipitral pool railway station that is about to reach after half hours. Li Zhongjiang brainwave easily, ask clear owner of lost property mobile phone number of Li Mou immediately, the mobile phone that uses oneself instantly dials this number, hair mobile phone connects finish all the time nobody is received. Li Zhongjiang keeps dialing this mobile telephone, taking owner of lost property to be searched all the way along railroad car corridor next. Come in 12 joint of 13 railroad car, transmitted shrill mobile phone ring. Ring is the hair in the crotch from an old fogey of many years old 60 comes out unexpectedly, and busy foot of forehand of this old fogey takes off trousers in disorder. When should seeing guard and station of owner of lost property are behind its, its know a thing to disclose oneself, be obliged to follow guard to accept investigation.
Via checking solid, this old fogey is called Yang Mou, male, 57 years old, person of Hunan country city. Via ransacking on the spot, guard not only from the capture in bag of the leg opening inside its the mobile phone of Li Mou of owner of lost property, more those who let shock is, seaming actually on Yang Mou's briefs greatly small 5 pockets, and in its crus place additional in two pockets ferret 2 mobile phones. Classics is preliminary examine, yang Mou admits to be below Li Mou seat only collect a mobile phone, refus does not admit guilty fact. Chicanery says additional 2 mobile phones are him, just hide the mobile phone in briefs pocket for guard against theft. But face guard examine minutely, yang Mou is utterly ignorant to mobile phone brand and number.
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