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Disease of phonism of white-collar mobile phone
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The mobile phone becomes the ” of organ of “ new student of city white-collar always together now, and a kind of when ” of disease of phonism of “ mobile phone already became city white-collar common phenomenon, this one term also appears in the 171 Chinese new term that Ministry of Education announces.

“ phonism ” perplexes city white-collar

“ I put the mobile phone in the bag at ordinary times, cannot lie between much meeting everyday as if hear the mobile phone rings, take skill machine to look to do not have any phones at all however. I always want to take the mobile phone in the hand now, leakage of for fear that drops important telephone call and short message. The psychological outpatient service that ” is in a hospital, miss Liu says bitterly so.

Be engaged in newspapering consider a young lady, as a result of working need, she is followed closely with the mobile phone everyday, so that be received at any time,hear newspaper office or reader incoming message. As time passes, she discovers she produced intense “ panic ” to the mobile phone. When “ sleeps in the evening, I always am in when be about to be asleep, sleep lightly suddenly, feel to hear ring of him mobile phone.

Before I remember sleeping obviously, had closed of machine, but still feel to the bell rings, listen very clearly really. ” considers a young lady to always want such turn from side to side in the evening everyday many times, slept to want before dawn to just can be asleep at 9 o'clock at 9 o'clock in the evening.

“ is washed-up really, debus of cell panel of machine of flat handle comes, ability sets his mind at to sleep. ”

Be absent with the office worker that visits a young lady to have same case a few, the reporter understood from the psychological outpatient service such as Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital, Zhongshan hospital, Ruijin hospital on June 2, 2008, similar case is perplexing a lot of young office worker, what such patient already took psychological family outpatient service is close 3 into. The expert expresses, because actuating pressure is caused,” of phonism of this kind of “ often is, now and then the health that appears not to affect people and life, but if such case appears often,be about to take care “ forces disease ” .

Depend on a mobile phone to cause “ phonism ”

Expert analysis, the psychological problem of ” of phonism of “ mobile phone is very major result from the “ that contemporary white-collar depends on place overly to high-tech product to cause forces disease ” . Phenomenon of “ phonism ” is concerned with the profession more, if sell, seek advice, use communication tool often media from personnel of course of study, often be in the job had be toed throw instantly when ring rings, these people are in “ for a long time to bide one's time ” condition, strong psychological suggestion can cause “ phonism ” , and in period of obtain employment peak, many this year's graduateses also can join ” of gens of phonism of mobile phone “ .
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