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Japan of ring of collection mobile phone " frog king " loud voice

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Reported yesterday according to Japanese media, the man is obtained on Beijing Olympic Games the Japan of gold of 200 meters of 100 rice, breaststroke swim Kang Jie of island of north of altar famous general, sufferred recently invite transcribe ring of 7 kinds of mobile phones, put in the net to offer up a sacrifice people downloads.

Think of to make money with oneself sound, after because be on Beijing Olympic Games,still gaining the championship, boreal island Kang Jie is accepting two words that when interviewing, say.

He faces camera lens to express at that time, “ my sense is very good! I do not say ” , “ to gave a word to come simply. After the ” of “ vermicelli made from bean starch that ” did not think of to he is in Japan comes down collection of these two words to be put to the net, a lot of person download should make mobile phone ring.

This makes boreal island a little accident, but also let him have interest. He designed transcribe a few ring are put in the net to offer up a sacrifice people downloads.

Leading role view

I will use ring income at popularizing a youth to swim to groom plan.

Kang Jie of —— north island

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