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Classical and new regression runs quickly stride Treo 650 to want only 758

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Of the Treo600 of Palm appeared on the market to be brought to whole PDA and mobile phone industry not small shake. Treo600 drew the look of large quantities of one consumer and money with its powerful function and good do manual work, the smartphone that rolls out later in Treo600 more or less serve as with Treo600 consult mobile phone, some mobile phones serve as window with Treo600 killer even. But the functional design as a result of Treo600 is too strong really, so that still do not have a few smartphones till today,surmount Treo600 completely. As Treo600 upgrade of product Treo650 roll out, treo600 cannot the history of conquer also proclaims end. Serve as Treo600 upgrade type, the place that before Treo650 is aimed at, denounces as the person had complete improvement. Treo650 provided stronger power system, more beautiful beautiful screen, more the clavier design that human nature changes is waited a moment. Can say Treo650 makes of the smartphone practical strode ahead again one stride. Serve as to had appeared on the market long machine, arrive suddenly now Chongqing area. The price also killed 758 yuan, favorite friend and I look together.

Classical and new regression runs quickly stride Treo650 to want only 758

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The design style of Treo650 is fundamental it is the design concept that Treo600 makes before copying, because this sees Treo650 and Treo600 from appearance,only not much fine Xiaoou is fastened. The sense that Treo650 gives a person is sedate maturity, the weight of 178g is quite adequate heft, grasp the how much a bit tired feeling in holding a hand for a long time. The coping design of Treo650 and Treo600 are almost same, it is continue to use likewise the hardware layout of Treo series, infrared interface and hypostatic loudhailer switch are mixed with inchoate Treo180 the position of Treo270 is same.

Classical and new regression runs quickly stride Treo650 to want only 758

Treo650 uses Intel PXA270 312 MHz Processor, the system offerred 22MB NVFS memory to be used for the user, memory capacity slants small. Treo650 is returned inside buy blue tooth module, deserve to SDIO/SD inserts groove, can pass use Wi - Fi SD card will realize double wireless function.

Classical and new regression runs quickly stride Treo650 to want only 758

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