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One girl listens to Chongqing quite illy to mobile phone ring with respect to ke

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[Heilongjiang is defended inspect " spend dawn in all " ] Chongqing girl of 17 years old is little alizarin red, on one kind of strange disease contracts before half month, want mobile phone of at sight of only or hear mobile phone ring, with respect to meeting limb feel dizzy of icy, brains, disgusting retch, this lets small alizarin red have a headache with family unceasingly. Original, two years ago, be in small alizarin red below strong demand, parents bought a mobile phone to her. After this, small alizarin red chat with friend, classmate with the mobile phone everyday, hair short message, 24 hours do not close machine. However, it is before half moon, small alizarin red the mischievous short message that gets a lot of friends to be sent. “ frightens me dead, it is ghost story more very, once I looked to become aware in the evening did not sleep. ” is small alizarin red say, after ” of incident of “ short message happens, want mobile phone of at sight of only or hear mobile phone ring, she is met Mo Ming's insecurity, feel limb is feel dizzy of icy, brains, disgusting next retch. To this, psychology of Chongqing benevolence case seeks advice from a doctor to say, small alizarin red the likelihood suffers from went up after “ forces disease ”——— to be stimulated when the person, subconscious know perfectly well some behavior to not agree with with respect to meeting him suggestion constant manage or mistake, but force oneself to do even or go wanting.

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